BAC – The Absolute Minimum

You know what you’re doing, you’ve been doing woodwork for years. You’d just like to know what size timber I used to fit it together, to save the hassle of working it out.

My pleasure.

The main frame was made with 18mm pine timberboard, approx 27cm wide (just a bit longer than a 500ml bottle of beer). You’ll need the following lengths for the main beer-supporting pieces:-

  • 49cm (2 off)
  • 41.5cm
  • 34cm
  • 26.5cm (2 off)
  • 19cm
  • 11.5cm

The calculation is 7.5cm per beer plus 2cm for each end part.

You’ll need 14 end pieces, each 7.5 cm tall.

I pegged it together with 30mm x 6mm dowels, so that it can be easily dismantled and stored.

The doors are plywood, and they are 7.5cm wide by 9cm tall.

To stop the beer rolling around, you’ll need either:-

17 x 4cm x approx 11cm pieces of 6mm ply, glued with 3.5 cm gaps


A router and some careful slots.


Any other elegant solution you’d like to use.

And I’m sure you’ll soon end up with something as nice as this.

Good luck!

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