BAC – Holding the beer

Well, we’ve done pretty well, and we have something to put the beer into. But of course, the beer bottles or cans will just roll about as it stands. So we need something to stop this happening.

The first thing to do is to dismantle the whole thing. Put aside the end pieces and the dowels for the moment.

Now, in my original design, I used a router to cut slots for the beer. It’s quite an elegant solution, but it is quite friggy to do. Each slot is 7.5cm apart centre to centre. I had to buy a special router bit to cut the curved slots.

If you’re competent enough with a router to do this, you’ll be able to work out the measurements you’ll need. That’s all I’m going to say about it.

If you don’t possess a router, or you feel this is beyond you, or you just don’t want to cover your workshop in sawdust – I have an alternative suggestion. You will need 17 pieces of 5mm plywood, each 4cm (exactly) by 11cm (approximately), and some wood glue.

What we are going to do is to glue the pieces of plywood onto the board with 3.5cm gaps between them. The beers will sit nicely between the plywood, and the ones at each end of the row will not roll anywhere because of the end pieces.

So we need none in the top row (the single beer is safe there), and one piece glued in the centre in the second row.

In the third row, mark the centre and measure 1.75cm either side – then glue your two pieces either side of that.

In the fourth row, one piece goes in the centre, and the other two have to be put 3.5cm away on each side.

And I feel sure you can work out how the rest of it works 🙂

Once the glue is dry, put it all back together and admire how nicely the beer goes in. And then it’s time to move onto the doors.