BAC – First Cuts

The first step is to make the main frame.

We’ll start with the main shelves that hold the beer. Using your mitresaw, cut lengths of your pine furnitureboard, mdf or whatever:-

  • 49cm (two of them – you can do that in one cut)
  • 41.5cm
  • 34cm
  • 26.5cm (two of them – again, this can be done in one cut)
  • 19cm
  • 11.5cm

The calculation for the length of each shelf is 7.5 cm per beer plus 2cm for each end part.

Remember – measure twice, cut once!

Now we need the ends – there are 14 of these, each one 7.5cm tall. Use the tablesaw for this – it’s great for doing loads of pieces exactly the same.

You’ll almost certainly have some rough ends – just rub them down with some sandpaper.

And now – just carefully – CAREFULLY – place them all together, to check that it looks right, all the pieces are the right size, and that the beer is going to fit.

Watch what you’re doing as you dismantle it – it’ll easily topple over.

The next step is BAC-Pegging it together .