BAC – Finishing off

And really, how you do that is up to you.

But for your interest, this is how I finished my first one. I took the whole thing to pieces and gave all the pieces of the main frame three coats of clear satin varnish. The dowels may have to be tapped into place with a small hammer when you rebuild it after it’s been varnished.

I then gave the doors three coats of some dark coloured varnish.

I found the numbers on eBay – do a search for “advent numbers laser”. You’ll need to give them a bit of a rub down, but they look really nice. The beer glasses and bottles were again on eBay – search for “beer laser” – I found several different ones and mixed them up. The numbers and beer bottles/glasses are just glued to the doors.

I actually put numbers on both sides of the door, and beer glasses/bottles on one side only. As each day was reached, and the beer was consumed, the door was reversed.

Finally, I just found a star pattern, cut it out twice in plywood, glued it together, varnished it and put a beer glass on it. I then put a little stand on the back and just plonked it on the top.

Last little detail – four little sticky feet for the bottom, to avoid scratching.

So now, you’re finally finished. Well done. I hope you get as much pleasure from building it (and using it!) as I did.